Venture Technology & Emerging Growth Companies

Whether you are an entrepreneur, emerging growth company, venture capital funds, family offices, investment banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, individual angels, angel networks and angel funds, we stand at the forefront for providing you with the legal insight, innovative legal approaches, creative solutions and nimble strategies to drive your business throughout its lifespan, as we understand the Jordanian ecosystem of innovation and technology is growing, which provides promise, opportunity, and needs of businesses in the start-up ecosystem.

We are nationally and globally renowned for our high quality, responsive, and unique services, to both entrepreneurs, and the investors who support them. Our attorneys work in a unique perspective, to pave your way forward, by providing immediate, appropriate, and strategic legal and business advice, with a focus on your business core needs, minding the industry trends and the emerging market.

Our attorneys embrace your ideas and work tirelessly to guide them in a structured legal approach, empowering our clients throughout all cycles, from the idea phase, to incorporation, capitalization, implementation and monetization.

We are highly regarded in the investment community, and are renowned for regularly representing investors, companies and enterprises in all sectors, in all kinds of equity and debt financing transactions, from series pre-seed transactions, to seed to early stage to expansion and growth stage transactions, from startup to IPO and beyond. We have expertise in Simple Agreement for Future Equity, Keep It Simple Securities, Convertible Notes, and all equity transactions and emerging fintech products and solutions, representing both issuers and investors.

Our attorneys understand that emerging growth and technology companies expect a creative, innovative approach from their attorneys, as such, our experienced attorneys assist national and international entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and emerging growth companies with several matters, ranging from corporate formations, funding in all stages, financing, due diligences, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions and routine daily advice on the operation and activities of the business.

For instance, fintech has proved in the latest years, how crucial the role it plays in Jordan’s economic success, which has resulted in having Jordanian entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers the option of accessing several solutions in ease. This significant grow, in such financial technology services, whether in banks, financial institutions, venture capitals and other, in such a fast pace, requires the legal assistance and help for both fintech start-ups and investors, especially in navigating the emerging and ever-changing regulatory landscape of the communications and digital banking sector. This itself has caused, alone in the sector, significant change in regulations, with the rising of challenges and market trends, which our lawyers provide clients with advice, strategic counsel and insight for, while remaining in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.