Investment Funds & Private Equity

Whether you are aiming for an investment strategy of having a controlling interest, and engaging actively in an operating company or business, or whether you are making minority investments in fast-growing companies or startups, our attorneys possess the needed in-depth knowledge and expertise to advise and provide legal services, through all stages of private equity transactions, relating to investment management and fund practices. Our attorneys are fully aware of the legal issues involved in such industry and sectors, and have the needed commercial sense and the ability to deal all resulting issues with clear understanding on all related regulatory matters.

The recent incentives being presented and offered by the local governmental entities have resulted in having more international private equity investors being attracted to the Jordanian and ME market, in several diverse sectors. As such, we offer innovative solutions and strategies for structuring acquisitions, fund formation, and financings of public and private companies.

Our attorneys are highly involved in navigating the complexities of any transaction, especially those significant, high-pressured transactions throughout the market. These transactions, and their areas of industry are requiring more understanding and awareness, with full insight on the trends and the market particulars, which our attorneys proudly provide, through experienced legal counsel, industry knowledge, commercial sense, in addition to the firm understanding of the relevant laws and regulations applicable.

Our experienced attorneys take the time to keep you aware of any risks and opportunities, and insight and strategy to how best navigate challenges, starting from formation, governance, financing and investments, to exit.

The expertise we have ranges from advising clients on the ideal structure of new funds, draft and negotiate the investors relationship in such funds, act for funds when buying and selling investments, assist clients throughout the fundraising process, prepare partnership agreements, private placement memorandum, limited partnership agreement, operating agreement, investor subscription agreements, advise on closing fund formation transactions, conduct due diligence practices, negotiate contracts, keep clients informed and up to date on all regulatory matters related, and in general, provide any needed day-to-day advice pertaining to funds.